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1422656_m.jpgRecent Projects

-      Directed the acquisition and integration of an add-on investment. By installing discipline, proven processes and focusing on market factors, the business unit grew 3.5x and achieved record profit levels in a two year period.

-      Led a profit improvement project for a consumer product company, generating over $2 million in annual savings through improvements in productivity, reduction in overhead costs, and the elimination of losses related to discontinued product sales.

-      Performed an evaluation, calculation and investigation of working capital in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Purchase Sale Agreement, resulting in significant favorable adjustments to the purchase price.

-      Provided management post-acquisition support through the application of purchase accounting related to a complex investment structure.

-      Assisted private equity and strategic investors by performing due diligence procedures that allowed our clients to quickly and objectively determine whether or not to proceed with the proposed transactions.

-      Led project to formalize monthly sales and financial forecasting process to more accurately estimate operating performance and resulting improvement in cash flows and working capital.

-      Led the sale of a portfolio company to a financial buyer, managing the process from working with investment bankers to develop a confidential information memorandum to leading management presentations to the ultimate negotiation and closing of the proposed transaction.

-      Conducted a board of directors requested investigation of seller misrepresentations and provided documentation to support the legal counsel’s pursuit of an indemnification claim in excess of 20% of the purchase price.

-      Engaged as interim management for a private equity portfolio company while the owners performed a search to replace the former CEO and CFO.