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Life After A Closing

296487_m.jpgOur clients are facing increased pressures to deliver returns to stakeholders. Private equity and strategic investors realize there is little room for error as even a small misstep can result in significant erosion of an entity's value.

The time and effort incurred to evaluate and close a transaction typically reflects only the beginning of the "sweat equity" required to ensure an investment is successful. While traditional financial due diligence assistance is designed to identify "deal killers" and provides limited focus on potential performance risks or opportunities, our clients move quickly to obtain improved visibility into the business and to evaluate, assess and mitigate financial and operating risks day one.

This process requires considerable resources in order to effectively develop and execute on an integration plan, which often overwhelms an already burdened management team and supporting back office.

HS Advisory professionals have executed effectively in the post transaction environment through actual hands-on experience while operating in industry as well as through years of quality service to clients.


Post Acquisition Services

Once a transaction is complete, new challenges develop during the first months with a new equity sponsor and capital structure. We offer the following services to assist in the post transaction period:

-         Financial and operational merger integration

-         Evaluation and assessment of key diligence findings

-         Management reporting package development

-         Develop financial and operating budgets

-         Purchase accounting and opening balance sheet audit support

-         Purchase price allocation

-         Purchase price dispute analysis

-         Resolution of earn-out disputes

-         Indemnification claims and expert support

-         Working capital true-ups

-         Temporary accounting and finance staff

-         Interim management